Office Of Stewardship

Total Stewardship Curriculum

Total Stewardship Curriculum

A Parish Stewardship Resource Manual


On an annual basis, the Office of Stewardship publishes and distributes a nationally recognized and award winning Total Stewardship Curriculum at no cost to each one of our church parishes.  This curriculum offers tools and resources for our parishes to execute a Total Stewardship model to better serve their parishioners.  Office of Stewardship staff are available to individually meet with pastors, parish volunteers, and administrators to explore the many features of the curriculum.


The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge owns the rights to the authored work of Total Stewardship Curriculum.  For a small fee, dioceses and church parishes located outside the Diocese of Baton Rouge can purchase individual copies of the current edition.  We will also grant the right to use this licensed property to outside entities for an additional fee.   To schedule a visit with one of our staff members or to obtain copies of our most recent edition, contact the Office of Stewardship at (225) 336-8790.


The Diocese of Baton Rouge Office of Stewardship invites you to celebrate with us, as we acknowledge God’s goodness and blessing through 30 years of Total Stewardship commitment and look toward A Future Full of Hope.


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