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St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral was founded as a parish in 1792, and its present structure is the oldest church building in the city of Baton Rouge.  The cathedral is historic: it is a tribute to countless individuals and families whose strong faith settled this land and made their homes here.  Yet it is more: it is the spiritual “mother church” of the diocese; the place where all may come in solemn celebration or in heartfelt grief.


Since most major diocesan liturgical functions occur at the cathedral, the hall needs to be large enough to accommodate the number of people who attend these events.   For more than a decade, the cathedral’s priests and parishioners have planned and worked toward the expansion and renovation of its parish hall to better meet diocesan and community needs.


A need also exists for improved lighting and acoustical work within the cathedral building itself.  These will enhance sound and sight for those who view televised programming, including weekly Mass, live from the cathedral.  These televised celebrations are important, not only for many homebound Catholics, but as a part of the Church’s broader efforts to evangelize and teach.

 “This is a worthy project to enhance the house of God and to provide the space for us to gather as God’s community.  I know, when this project is complete, we will all be grateful for the results that it shows.”

–Most Reverend Bishop Robert W. Muench

Diocese of Baton Rouge