Office Of Stewardship

Ministries Impacted

Ministries Impacted

A Focus on Essential Ministries

A Simple Statement of Introduction

From family life to Catholic education and disaster response, the Bishop’s Annual Appeal offers spiritual hope and practical assistance to those in our communities most in need of God’s provision. Generous parishioners make it possible.

Honoring Marriage and the Family

The Marriage and Family Life Ministry offers educational programs on matters related to the promotion of family life throughout the Church and community and the protection of all human life, from conception to natural death. Gifts to the BAA help underwrite costs associated with strengthening marriage and family life.




Cherishing Life and Providing Counsel, Comfort and Care

A recognized leader in the work of coordinating critical disaster response, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge also offers employment assistance, adoption counseling, support for foster grandparents, refugee resettlement aid, and assistance to families in crisis. Giving to the work of the BAA provides direct aid and encouragement.


Connecting the Greater Catholic Community

The diocesan television apostolate, Catholic Life Television, supplies the capital region with award winning programming 24 hours a day. Contributions to the BAA spread the Gospel message, help fund the development of creative local programming, and connect viewers to Catholic resources that educate, enlighten and encourage.




Granting a Quality Catholic Education

The Bishop’s Annual Appeal helps fund the Catholic School Tuition Assistance Program. When you give to support the work of the BAA, you provide a measure of financial aid for students who might otherwise not experience the quality Catholic education many generations of diocesan families have known.



Facilitating the Power of Recovery

A Catholic parish is a center of worship, service and community activity. After a natural disaster, major climate event or fire, our neighbors and fellow parishioners look to our churches for assistance and aid. Through the Parish Generator Program, you provide a ready source of indispensable electrical power, facilitating recovery.