Office Of Stewardship

Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Reverend Michael G. Duca, Diocese of Baton Rouge

Bishop’s Annual Appeal

Reverend Michael G. Duca, Diocese of Baton Rouge



An Opening Message

It has been a year since I took office as your Bishop, and it has been a busy year. I have met individually with all priests, visited almost every parish Church and Catholic school, and been amazed at all the spirit-filled Diocesan ministries that faithfully witness God’s mercy and love within our community.


Along with the joys, I also undertook the difficult task of publishing the list of clerics who have brought shame on the Church. I know the publication of this legacy of sin has affected you deeply and has caused pain, anger and a loss of trust in your Church. Yet as difficult as it was, I hope this necessary first step towards real healing will also mark the beginning of a new transparency, openness and reestablishment of trust. This has been a year of joys and sorrows but, considering all, I feel truly blessed to be your Bishop. My heart is still hopeful, which is why I dedicate this year’s Appeal to God’s care under the title of my motto, Hope in the Lord!


Last year when I arrived, the Bishop’s Annual Appeal was already underway. This is now my first personal appeal to seek your support. I have chosen to focus on vital and mission-oriented ministries like Catholic Charities, Formation of Priests, Campus Ministry, Catholic Schools and others. These important ministries must be supported by the whole Diocese. Your support keeps these ministries strong. Be assured that all the funds collected will benefit these ministries, with no amount covering diocesan administration.


I invite you to prayerfully consider contributing to this year’s appeal for the needs of our diocesan community. Together we can do so much. Ministries that will benefit from your gifts include:


CHARITY: The Appeal will provide an emergency assistance fund for Catholic Charities to give direct aid to those in need.


YOUTH and YOUNG ADULTS: The Appeal will offer Catholic school tuition assistance to help more children attend Catholic school. Your contribution will also provide the support for our Campus Ministry Program on the campuses of LSU, Southern University and Southeastern University.


VOCATIONS: Your stewardship also ensures the continued formation of young men who will become our next generation of priests.


These ministries are just a few that your BAA dollars support. I pray as we embark upon this year’s appeal that your hearts and prayers will be united to ensure its success, as we put our Hope in the Lord!


Bishop Michael G. Duca